New studio rules in place to ensure compliance with Government restrictions due to COVID-19 and to allow a safe return to the studio


  • Dancers will need to bring their own hand sanitiser, yoga mat, hand towel for perspiration, labelled drink bottle, small easy to consume snack if needed (microwave will be unavailable) directly into the studio at the start of class.

  • Dancers will enter the building no earlier than 5 mins before their scheduled class time, arriving fully dressed and ready to dance as the Green Room is closed until further notice.

  •  Dancers will go straight into the studio to a designated spot, maintaining social distancing rules at all times and in doorways where possible.

  • Dancers will use hand sanitiser before, during and after each class.

  • Dancers will exit via the double doors to the ‘Drop Zone’ to allow dancers in the next class to use the main entrance. 


  • Parents will notify FORM immediately if their child is showing any symptoms of COVID-19  and keep sick students at home.

  • Parents are to provide hygiene items required for dancers for all lessons.

  • Parents will drop and collect students from the car park ‘Drop Zone’ and will not enter the studio​.


  • Ensure all areas are sanitised frequently and thoroughly, paying particular attention to ‘high-touch’ items such as door and tap handles, ballet barres etc, and will steam clean floors daily.

  • Provide extra hand sanitiser, tissue boxes and pedal bins in corners of the studios and bathrooms.

  • Instruct students to maintain appropriate social distancing using spot markers and signs, as well as structuring class activities and movement throughout the studio accordingly.

  • Adhere to all Government health regulations in respect to the prevention of disease transmission guidelines.

  • Use an infrared forehead thermometer as students enter classes to confirm absence of fever.

  • Notify parents immediately of any health concerns that may impact students, whilst respecting appropriate confidentiality.