1. FORM DANCE STUDIOS reserves the rights to all given online content. No content is to be copied or sold.

  2. Term fees are paid by due date or will incur a late fee. Fees are billed for 5 weeks of a 10-week term.

  3. We do not offer refunds for dropped classes or change of mind.

  4. Enrolment in package cannot be changed once term has commenced on April 27th

  5. Live Classes cannot be changed once enrolled 

  6. FORM DANCE STUDIOS reserves the right to not accept student into class if fees are not paid in full by due date.

  7. All Live classes will only run if 5 or more students enrol. Classes are subject to change if minimum student numbers are not reached.

  8. The Pro Add On requires a minimum of 6 enrolled students in order to have a new guest teacher every week. FORM will organise alternate beneficial classes if this number is not reached. 

  9. Creative Kids vouchers must be received by May 1st to be added towards the first invoice of Term 2 (for April 27th - May 29th) All vouchers received after this date will be applied to the next invoice.

  10. Dancing is a strenuous activity from which injuries may arise. FORM DANCE STUDIOS and the instructors are not liable for personal injuries, loss of or damage to personal property.

  11. Parents and dancers are responsible for ensuring classes are taken in a safe environment while at home, and for modifying classes where necessary to suit their environment. 

  12.  For Performance Team students, regular attendance remains a necessity. A courtesy email is expected for all absences in Performance Group Live classes. Positions will be jeopardised if students are noted to have missed a significant amount of Live classes without a formal explanation. 

  13. We strive to provide a positive, healthy and happy environment for all to be in with a strong emphasis on teamwork. These core values are to be reflected by all teachers, students and parents at FORM DANCE STUDIOS.