Important Information


On this page you'll find detailed information that will help get you and your dancer ready for the start of Term 2. Please read through all the below info including our Training Online Q&A as we have created this for your benefit. 





After trialling LIVE classes via ZOOM during Term 1, we will be continuing with this method of live class delivery for Term 2. 

In order to participate in live classes - create a ZOOM account in your dancer’s name at


When you first ‘Join A Meeting’ on a computer - an automatic download will start, and the ZOOM app will appear on your computer. For mobile phones the ZOOM meetings app can also be downloaded. Meeting ID numbers for each class will be sent to everyone enrolled in TERM 2 on Monday 27th April, ready for classes that day. Each classes ID number is recurring  and will remain the same each week. The ID number will save to your ZOOM account with the class name after first use, meaning for future classes a dancer will simply need to select ‘Join’ in the app and select their class from the drop down menu. 

Zoom online classes will begin at the timetabled time by the teacher and a roll will be taken at the start of each class. Dancers will need to allow video and microphone access to ZOOM so that they can communicate with the teacher as they would in the classroom. Teachers will be monitoring the online class to ensure the student is receiving the class as close to normal as possible.


ZOOM ID numbers for each timetabled class will be uploaded to the website and sent out to all enrolled students on Monday 27th April.




We have created Dropbox folders for each package and the pre-recorded content will be found in these each week. 

Videos can be watched in Dropbox after clicking on the file or you can choose to downloaded the file from dropbox to your computer.

Some weeks students will be advised to repeat a pre-recorded video. This is similar to how in studio classes operate as repetition is critical for a dancers improvement.


The bonus of pre-recorded content is that dancers are able to re-do classes as much as they would like each week to make the most out of their package and their time at home. Once a video has been uploaded to dropbox it will remain there for the full term, so dancers may even like to revisit a previous weeks pre-recorded class. 


You will be sent a link to the drop box folder which will include your enrolled packages content.
Check this folder each week for your instructions and new videos.




All timetabled LIVE classes are expected to run as listed, but are subject to changes or cancellation if student enrolment numbers are low.




Covid-19 has postponed the majority of our selected competitions for 2020. With the understanding that they will run later in the year, as indicated by the competitions, we want our dancers to maintain their training so they are ready to compete when we return to normal. 

Performance Team students are required to participate in the following classes as a minimum: 

1x RAD Ballet

1x Technique Class (for appropriate age group)

1x Open Class (must be doing their age group Open class before being able to add Elite and Pro open classes)

This will ensure our team maintains the specific skills and stamina required for performance groups and allow dancers to return in necessary condition and avoid injury. 


Once a week, we have added a FREE 1.5hr class dedicated to running all of our performance routines (all age groups) so that these routines remain fresh in our students' minds. This is to ensure the incredible hard work of our teachers and dancers cleaning these routines won't be lost. This class will be divided across all routines - Please click the below link for the breakdown of how the time will be allocated. 

As for packages for performance team students: 

We encourage all Performance Team dancers to enrol in the ELITE package as we want these dancers to maintain their technique and skills. It is also closest to their regular hours of dance aiding their strength and stamina so they are stage ready for competitions. We would also highly recommend these dancers should include the PRO Add on in their package as for a very low additional price of $90, they have unlimited access to classes, content and guest teachers. As a minimum Performance Team dancers can choose the ESSENTIALS package, however as there are 3 compulsory classes, this restricts the possibility to choose their LIVE Classes. 

As the health and safety of our dancers is incredibly important, dancers who do not enrol in online classes and continue their dance training will not be able to participate in competitions when we return.





Before enrolling, please read through all information and packages on offer to ensure you select the appropriate options for your dancer. 


You must select one of the 3 packages and then will need to select the chosen LIVE classes for the package. 


BASIC Package can only select 1x Live Class.
ESSENTIALS Package can select 3x Live classes (Performance Students must select their age group Tech, Open and Ballet Class)
ELITE Package can select 5x Live Classes

PRO Add On Can select Unlimited Live Classes

Only dancers who select the ELITE Package can choose to include the Pro Add On - This is not available with any other package.

Head to our new ONLINE ENROLMENT page and fill out the form. 




Is there still a sibling discount on the Term 2 Packages?

Yes! We will continue to offer a 10% sibling discount for our families. This will automatically be applied to the cheaper of the 2 packages on your invoice.

My child is already enrolled at FORM do I need to re-enrol?

As timetabling, classes and fees are all completely new for Term 2, we do need everyone to re-enrol so we are able to invoice you correctly and so we know when we get to see your dancer!

We are in the Performance Team but don't want to do the Elite package or Pro Add-On, is this okay? 

While we do highly recommend the ELITE Package and PRO Add-On as they are both the best value for your money and most beneficial for our performance team dancers, we completely understand that this may not be a viable option at this time for some of our students. If these packages are not suitable, performance students may opt to do the ESSENTIALS package to do their minimum required classes (Ballet, Tech and Open) . Performance Team can not do the BASIC package. 

Can Creative and Active Kids Vouchers be used for the packages?

 At this time, we are able to accept Creative Kids vouchers Only for Term 2. We ask that you please send these through ASAP so it can be applied to your invoice. The cut-off date for all vouchers is FRIDAY MAY 1st. Please note that we are unable to accept Active kids vouchers at this time due to Government restrictions. 

If there is a class my child doesn't normally do, can they join now?

Absolutely! Where possible we would love to see students use their time in isolation at home to try something new! Why not try Tap or Ballet for the first time or add Strength and Conditioning or PBT to the at home dance timetable for an extra workout? The performance age group classes however (10/u & 12u + 14/u & Senior) are only available for performance team students.

It is too difficult for my dancer to participate in classes from home, will it be okay for them to just come back when the studio is open again? 

We totally understand online dance won't work for everyone. For our recreational and ballet students while we will miss having you in class over this time, you will of course be welcome back with open arms when we reopen - whether you enrolled online or not! 
Performance team dancers however need to continue their training during this time to be ready for competitions later in the year - please read the Performance Team section above for more details. Please contact us if there are extenuating circumstances. 

We don't want to do the PRO Add On - will we still be able to access the Guest Teacher classes?

Yes, there will be a $30 casual rate for Guest Teacher LIVE classes for students who are not enrolled in the PRO package. However as the Pro Add On cost is extremely great value at only $90, if you think you may be interested in some guest teacher classes - consider enrolling with the Add On as not only will there be 5 Live guest classes, there will be bonus guest pre-recorded content as well as access to FORM's  unlimited LIVE classes and all our pre-recorded classes as well!

I would like to continue doing the Adult Ballet/Pilates Class from home, is this an option?

Of course! We have kept our Adult Ballet/Pilates class running online for those interested, however we will need a minimum of 5 people enrolled for it to go ahead as planned. To enrol, select the BASIC Package then the Adult Ballet/Pilates class. There will be 1x Live class per week for this class with no pre-recorded content.