Ballet is the basis of all dance. It plays a major role in developing correct technique and building a solid foundation for further training in multiple styles. Classes consist of traditional barre and centre work following the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus.


Students when ready and approved by professionals may like to explore going on pointe. FORM offer all RAD grades from Primary to Advanced 1.

Ballet students at FORM may work towards RAD Class Awards or Exams. These are not compulsory for students to take, however are highly recommended for dancers looking to extend their training. 

The Class Awards are less formal than an examination with the students completing these awards in a class setting with their own teacher leading the class and an Examiner observing. Students are not graded but are assessed on a broad indication of standard rather than a detailed breakdown. Students receive a medal, certificate, and report completed by the Examiner. Class Award participants go into the Class Award in groups of up to 8 dancers. 

The Examination is the formal option; students are graded and receive a medal, certificate and report completed by the Examiner. The Teacher does not enter the room with the Exam students and the Examiner conducts the class. Students go into the Exam in groups of 4 or less. Students doing the exam are required to participate in 2 Ballet Classes per week to ensure their standard is at the level required for examinations


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