For dancers looking to maintain Acro skills and strength. Classes are significantly modified to accommodate for space and equipment restrictions at home.

$40 for 5 Weeks

On top of any offered Package 

Hours per week: 1


1 x Pre-recorded or live Acro Class

The ACRO Add on is to give dancers the option to continue building their acro strength and technique while not at the studio. For dancers who include the ACRO Add On in their enrolment will have a new pre-recorded or live class available each week. 


Classes will be modified to be accommodate the different space students have at home, to ensure they can participate to the best of their ability in a safe manner.


The ACRO Add On can be included on top of any package. 

PRO Add On students automatically have access to the ACRO Add On. 

ACRO Add On will need a minimum of 5 students in order to go ahead for the first 5 week period of Term 2.